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Jonathan Hodges

Commissioned Pastor 

Jonathan Hodges had become Plant Manager at the age of 34 of the largest wastewater treatment plant
in Fulton County, GA. It appeared that life was good, and the sky was the limit. Then came a series of
devastating blows until eventually he had reached a place of real despair. God had brought Jonathan to
a place where he realized the seriousness of his condition in relation to God. Then, through God’s
revealing of himself through the power of the written Word, he saw and experienced the hope and
healing that was found only through the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
After a few years of following the Lord in his new life, God called Jonathan to pastoral ministry with a
strong emphasis on the preaching of the Gospel. He has been at work fulfilling this call ever since. He
began by taking lay speaking classes, leading extensive bible study courses, and then completing the
three-year curriculum at the Georgia School of Ministry in Macon, GA. This year Jonathan became a
Commissioned Pastor of the Southeast Presbytery of the EPC. He also holds a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Environmental Science and Technology.
God has blessed Jonathan wonderfully with his wife Kay and 4 children who are now grown. Kay
has been deeply involved in ministry for many years. She has gone on mission trips to the
Dominican Republic, the City of New Orleans, and many to Mexico, including leading one
herself. She has served in various roles in the church beginning with the teaching of children
and including Senior Leadership. Jonathan and Kay both have a deep love for God, and a desire
to serve His church.

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